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in history. in the swing state of virginia, darren gersh asked voters whether their patience is running out. >> reporter: all the videos and speeches at the democratic national convention are aimed at voters in key swing states like virginia. here in northern virginia, the economy has rebounded from the great recession to a remarkable degree, but even here, opinion is sharply divided on whether the president has done enough. the housing market in parts of northern virginia is back at record levels. unemployment in the area is just 4.5%. government spending has had a huge impact here. >> we have virtually no unemployment in places like arlington county, where the unemployment rate is under 3%. >> reporter: but not everyone is giving the president credit for northern virginia's relative good fortune. owner linda caldwell says business is slow at the occoquan coffeehouse. >> i don't see too much effect in straightening things out, one way or the other. >> reporter: and the argument president clinton made that no president could have fixed in four years all the economic problems barack obama in
, ohio and virginia. what's more, huge sums, not only for ads but for get-out-the-vote efforts like mailings and robocalls are going into house and senate races in the fight to control congress. altogether, three billion dollars in campaign cash have been raised so far, and a projected $6 billion by the election, less than seven weeks away. it's not just that we're being hit by swarms of ads thicker than locusts. what's truly frightening is that we don't know who's really paying for them. president barack obama: i'm pledging to cut the deficit -- >>> romney's worth $200 million. >>> the president's doing a mediocre job. >>> governor romney cares about big business. >>> real job growth cut the debt. >>> i had no healthcare. >>> -- to the highest corporate bidders -- >>> if you're a super pac, empowered by the supreme court's citizens united decision to take unlimited donations, you're supposed to make your donors public. and you're not supposed to coordinate your efforts with the candidate. but there are ways to get around both requirements and to hide those campaign mega-dollars. in
, fomenter governor of commonwealth of virginia, also the former chairman of this democratic party and right now he is a candidate for the united states senate. governor kaine it's good to see you. >> great to be with you. thanks. >> woodruff: this convention tonight feels like something you would see in the middle of new york city or another big american city. it doesn't have the feel of a convention. >> first praise to charlotte. i was the chair and chose it as a city because they were so excited to welcome everyone here. they are doing a great job. you have a wonderful feeling in the room. people know that the next nine weeks are real challenging but there's a lot of excitement. >> ifill: it should be said that v.a. v- is front and center on the floor. that's not by accident. >> it's not by accident. we were used to nosebleed seats before but 2008 and 2012 we got good seats. >> ifill: you used yourselves as check mate to describe the role that virginia has in this process. does it help you running for senate? >> i think it helps. i'm a virginians before i'm a politician. we were irrelevan
understand the is. it really fun -- laid out -- he can win virginia, iowa, and number of states, ohio, for example, with those 18 and electoral votes. there are so many paths to victory. this guy basically has to run the table, as it were. he has to run the table, essentially, to beat mr. obama. whereas, if you are romney, how would you appeal to them? >> it is real tough for the republicans. there are a lot of seats. but the electoral map is very tough. we need both florida and ohio. a number of other states, as you say. i think mitt romney made a poor choice with paul ryan. there was the government is bad side, except when it comes to reproductive rights, where suddenly they know more than women and their doctors, but there are other issues. he is saying to forget about government, but i think he needs to take back this issue that government is just the enemy. we need some balance. i do not think he is going to do it, but i think he means, not just as basic, to move to the center, but move to that playset recognizes that a better balance between a free-market and democratic governme
virginia? >> and that is a fair question. people have to say look at the results. because when you strip it all away, talk really is cheap. i know that from virginia people want results. we balanced the budget without raising taxes our unemployment rate is the lowest in three years. we have tried to produce things with republicans and democrats shared credit, shared policies and we are getting things done. it's not true at the federal level. we have more combat, more of a toxic political atmosphere in washington less actual results, we have been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy three times in the last couple of years and the president has not led. >> one of the narratives i've heard over the past couple of nights that the republicans are waging a war on women. you heard it from different women's rights groups and lilly ledbetter how does mitt romney combat that and advance his position and what kind of a president he would be for women? >> first of all it is a contrived argument. if you have a lousy record, if your unemployment rate is 83% and your debt is the highest in american histor
's events. >> with the convention gearing up in north carolina, president obama was in virginia, another battleground state he care field will 2008. at norfolk state university, he argued his reelection gives the country its best chance to move forward. >> now the other side will tell you about their ideas, but on thursday night i'm going to look forward to sharing mine with you a path that will create good jobs and strengthen our middle-class and grow our economy. >> sreenivasan: the president also pressed his case in an interview with "u.s.a. today." he said his republican opponent created what he calls a fictional barack obama in features and adds. >> under obama's plan we wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. they'll just send you your welfare check. >> reporter: the president said tomorrow he'll be... vice president joe biden arrived in the convention city this afternoon. on the republican side, vice presidential nominee joe biden campaigned in ohio charging the president has been a failure. >> ... >> you can't look atta t data, you can't look at the suffering
of the a.f.l.-c.i.o., richard trumpica, and the founder of cared max, a virginia brewer, and we'll also hear from the heads of the senatorial and congressional campaign committees. the democrats are trying to take back the house of representatives and keep their hold on the senate, and of course, the main attraction tonight, former president bill clt. >> woodruff: thank you, ray. >> woodruff: with us tonight once again are shields and brooks. that's syndicated columnist mark shields and "new york times" columnist david brooks. david, we're looking ahead to bill clinton tonight. people, meanwhile, are still talking about the first lady last night. >> it seems to be unanimous. mark and i were not in the minority. pretty much a home run. i read some very conservative web sites -- fox-- it was bipartisan. american yiewt owe united. they thought she did a fantastic jork as did i. >> ifill: the fact that she did a fantastic job, mark, assuming we all agree, what difference did that mack in the long run? >> it makes a difference in one of the great advantages barack obama has had over mitt rom
like virginia and iowa where this was supposed to be a real fight to the finish and now watching where he says he's going to go -- they all go back to ohio. but a lot of these states. wisconsin, all of a sudden a problem. >> it's a combination of things. it's that one question in the poll. so-and-so understands problems we're facing. he's polling terribly. he's spending most of his time at fundraisers, not at campaign rallies. in vermont, of all places. >> here's the other problem i think mitt romney has and it's not his fault and that is americans are feeling more optimistic about their economic future. gwen: they still think it's the wrong track. >> sure, if you ask if you're better off, it's still in the 40% range. if americans are feeling more optimistic, they maybe feel they don't need to fire the guy who's in office and maybe bill clinton convinced them they ought to be more patient. gwen: paul ryan got booed at the aarp gathering in new orleans today. >> if first step so -- to a stronger medicare is to repeal obama care. because it represents the worst of both worlds. audience:
are in for a long-term too many. i grew up covering virginia. the idea virginia would be a swing state is stunning to me. the idea north carolina is swing state is surprising to even to you, charlie. there are no permanent line ntion politics. i think it's mistake feem in our business things as they exist now and extrapolate them too far in the future. >> charlie:is your interest and excitement you get from politics every bit as strong as it's always been? >> it is in the big picture. i think the character tion. people who are in politics, people i covered closely like bill clinton, the other characters that's what makings this business fascinating. so i still love that. i do think -- i share the view of a lot of journalist this particular campaign has been a grinding sullen remorseless affair not been a lot of fun. >> i think that's right. i think there's not been a lot of joy in this campaign on either side and the voters seem disgusted by t it is a dynamic story and we don't know the full story and full evolution of barack obama. who would have thought he would have asked bill clinton to come
the president ahead five points ahead in ohio, florida, and virginia. they kind of need that. what's going on? >> the country feels better with it -- about itself according to the right track-wrong track numbers, since the end of both conventions. the second convention was the democratic convention. the bounce seems to be -- gwen: we should point out none of this is in the wake of the foreign policy -- >> no. and on the economic issues the president is closing the gap and on the foreign policy issues he's widening it. among key demographic groups, those who earn for -- more than $ 0,000s he's competitive with romney. and among those who are single, minorities, he is expanding his lead. where romney needs to gain he is either losing or just keeping steady. >> why are those thingng happening? i think the reason is because governor romney has made a compefrling case that the economy didn't -- srnt good enough but he has to take it further and say why shoe hire him him -- him instead and he hasn't been able to, at least not with enough voters. as time goes on in the campaign, he's losing opportun
evidence of it in massachusetts, virginia, and michigan and wisconsin. he is not the person the republicans need to have right now carrying the standard. what he said was wrong in so many aspects. >> a lot of republicans are grumbling about this campaign. >> when your running mate call as you inarticulate as a way to help you, then you know you have problems. i am glad you are all represented here. mitt romney is mixing up a whole bunch of ideas. the 47% who do not pay income tax which is a result of reagan, bush, and it bush jr. tax policies. half the population has no stake in income tax rate. it is a huge issue but not the way you want to talk about it. there is this culture of dependency which the obama administration is increasing in changing the welfare to work requirements. that is an issue. this way, he has an argument but he has to work his way out of a paper bag first. >> a couple of polls this week. nbc wall street journal poll. obama does not do well with foreign policy. what do these numbers tell you? >> there is a 19% one where obama will help the middle class more than mitt r
of states in between. what are the states you are charting? >> you are looking at florida, virginia, ohio. i think it's very telling that at this point, the romney campaign is -- and he was there in michigan or today and said he thought he would be competitive there and thought he would win. no ads so far up there for his campaign. if you look at one state that he seems to be doing well in, that's north carolina. obama won that by 14,000 votes. gwen: that's really narrow. >> a state like indiana, that was a state that obama won last time. romney will win that. everyone is surprised that all of these polls are pretty much saying obama is in command of the lead. chuck talked about they lost august. one reading is that they lost the summer, the romney campaign. if you look at obama did, they did, at the start of this race was in may. that's when they started going out with tough ads and framing romney as someone who wasn't in touch with the middle class and the tax issue, him releasing his tax returns. he was always on the defensive and now he has a lot of ground to make up. gwen: is there an a
is virginia, which the latest election polls show remains a tossup. traditionally red, it turned blue, voting for president obama in 2008 with a big boost from northern virginians. margaret warner sat down with six undecided voters there after watching the president's address. >> warner: this same group sat down with ray suarez raft week to assess governor romney's speech and said afterwards they remained undecided. tom wilson, 46, is an independent who voted for president obama in 2008. he says he's most concerned about the economy and what he calls conservative value issues. ben harris, a 21-year-old college student is casting his first vote. he supported john mccain last time and is especially concerned with education. beth hersom, 30, is a registered democrat who considers herself a swing voter. she voted for the president previously but she opposes abortion, and didn't like the way his health care reform law dealt with contraception. annabel foery, 64, voted republican in the last two election, but she said he isn't sure she trusts governor romney and wants to see more cooperation on bot
tell the story as the campaign enters its final 50 days. president obama heads to florida and virginia, and romney heads once again to florida. we're joined by susan page and dan balz, chief correspondent for the "washington post." susan, we have been all consuming this daily diet of polls especially from the battle ground states. presumably the romney campaign and the obama campaign have been doing the same thing. do they interpret those numbers the same way we have been? >> well, i think that both campaigns see a small bump for president obama coming out of the conventions, although it's going a little narrower. in these three most critical battle ground states -- ohio, florida and virginia -- you do see obama having a slight advantage, a slightly bigger advantage than he had before. i think this is very worrisome to the romney folks and quite encouraging to the obama side. >> ifill: what do the romney people say about all that? >> they say a couple of things. they think that the bounce was overinterpretted that the president got after his convention. late last week they expected the
. i grew up covering virginia. the idea virginia would be a swing state is stunning to me. the idea north carolina is swing state is surprising to even to you, charlie. there are no permanent line ntion politics. i think it's mistake feem in our business things as they exist now and extrapolate them too far in the future. >> charlie:is your interest and excitement you get from politics every bit as strong as it's always been? >> it is in the big picture. i think the character tion. people who are in politics, people i covered closely like bill clinton, the other characters that's what makings this business fascinating. so i still love that. i do think -- i share the view of a lot of journalist this particular campaign has been a grinding sullen remorseless affair not been a lot of fun. >> i think that's right. i think there's not been a lot of joy in this campaign on either side and the voters seem disgusted by t it is a dynamic story and we don't know the full story and full evolution of barack obama. who would have thought he would have asked bill clinton to come prop him up. tha
tour through ohio this afternoon. >> sreenivasan: the u.s. supreme court upheld west virginia's congressional redistricting plan today. critics of the redistricting had argued that the populations within newly drawn districts were too far out of balance, but the supreme court reversed a lower court ruling and said the state legislatures was correct in trying to keep counties intact, keep incumbents from facing each other, and minimize shifts in population. the lower court may still consider challenges to the plan under the state constitution. in economic news, a key index showed home prices rose again in july-- another sign the housing market is on the road to recovery. and a separate index had consumer confidence rising in september. but it wasn't enough to help wall street, amid new worries about spain's debt troubles. the dow jones industrial average lost 101 points to close at 13,457. the nasdaq fell 43 points to close above 3117. the national football league faced an explosion of calls today to end a labor dispute with its referees after a mistake decided the green bay- s
presidential nominee mitt romney. at a campaign stop in springfield, virginia he said the slow growth was proof that president obama's economic policies have not worked. >> if you don't believe me why look at the price of gas and the jobs in your community and the members of your family that are struggling for good work. if you don't believe me look at the numbers that just came out in the growth of our economy. 1.3% versus russia at 4%, china at 7-8%, we are at 1.3% this is unacceptable. it is not working. i know what it takes to get things working. >> sreenivasan: 200 miles away in virginia beach, president obama acknowledged the economy is still struggling. but he also promised the crowd he'll push for an era of what he called economic patriotism. >> during campaign season you always hear a lot about patriotism. well you know what? it's time for a new economic patriotism. an economic patriotism rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. i won't pretend that getting there is easy. the truth is it's going to take a few more years to solve chal
of those researchers studying this new class of substances at virginia commonwealth university. he joins me now from richmond. thank you for being with us. and let me just start by saying when people hear the term "bath salts" maybe they think of epsom salts that you would buy in a pharmacy or drugstore but this is very different. tell us what they are. >> well, you're right it's very different than the name implies. it's a benign street name i think invented to make it sound harmless. these chemicals are very different and very dangerous than their name implies. >> woodruff: how long have they been around? >> they became popular a few years ago, at least in america. they've been around longer in eastern europe and the u.k. and the basic component of the drug-- which is called kethanone and the derivatives have been around hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. it's a naturally occurring substance from which bath salts are derived. >> woodruff: so tell us, dr. de felice, how are they used and how are they different from other illegal drugs we're familiar hearing about, methamphetamine,
seized on the change in springfield, virginia. >> we are at 1.3%. this is... this is unacceptable. >> woodruff: other economic indicators also paint a mixed picture. the stock market itself, while down today, has been climbing in recent weeks to its highest levels in nearly five years. today, the dow jones industrial average lost almost 49 points after a weak manufacturing report and worries over europe to close just over 13,437. and the housing market may be stabilizing. a key index showed home prices rose in july to the highest level in almost two years, pointing to a recovery there. consumer spending was also up last month, but it was largely to pay for higher gasoline prices. for a closer look at all this with two people who follow these matters closely, we turn to kenneth rogoff, a professor of economics and public policy at harvard university, and co- author of "this time, it's different: eight centuries of financial folly"; and muhamed el-erian, c.e.o. of pimco, a global investment management firm, one of world's largest bond investors. gentlemen, thank you to both of you f
. in virginia, 143%. and in colorado, ad spending has jumped by 146%. there's more. in even dys >> ifill: and there's more. in seven days, from september 13 to septemthr 19, e romney campaign spent $425,000 in battleground colorado on 1,283 ads. the obama campaign spent $1.1 million on 2,891 ads. that's statewide. narrow the focus to one city, change19 springs, and e is even more at this te fois years ago, 519 presidential campaign e s had aired in this top ten ad market. this year, the number jumped to 1,445. the newshour is partnering with kantar media/cmag and npr to keep track of all that spending. npr reporter ari shapiro spent the past week in colorado springs watching those television ads and talking to the voters who consume them. he joins us now.ig 395 million dollars. let's start with that number, ari. what is that all being spent on really? >> tv stations have a limited number of minutes for advertising. so you are seeing more ads per hour and you're seeing ads in different shows where you didn't used to. you know, game shows, soap operas, reality tv programming wh
of the mentally ill. holmes wrote a terrible decision in 1927 justifying a virginia law that allowed for forced sterilization of people who were judged to be mentally deficient. that was played back to us by the nazis less than 10 years later. >> for all the social conscience, they did not seem to care much about the african- american community. >> very little, and they were not really interested in specific ethnic groups either. their philosophy was a rising tide lifts all boats. >> the people on the deck were white and the people at the helm were white. >> more specifically, as long as the people in the command center were them. >> how very strange. is our politics any different today? >> absolutely not. the point of this book is that these people that we justly praised and honor for their tremendous sacrifices and accomplishments were at heart just ordinary men and women like us, with some really bizarre failings, many of them -- and i will list franklin roosevelt being won -- could not hold public office today because of his private life, let alone because of his health problems. >> you men
, ohio, virginia, iowa. so it will take a while to find out if the people who still aren't sold on him were sort of won over by this humanizing of him. that's what we saw throughout the whole week. an effort to highlight every chapter of his life. he's had a hard time sort of doing this himself. all of his advisers say he does not like to talk about himself. he's uncomfortable in that respect. so he summoned all kinds of people from different walks of his life to give testimonials. so i think in that respect, i think he did sort of improve the perception of himself. but we will find out at the end of the day if that's enough to get people to vote for him. it was kind of a joint message, fire obama, hire romney and we have 67 days to see if it worked. gwen: but who's counting? >> right. gwen: i want to get back to the fire obama part. we're here in charlotte to watch the democrats but i was cure ow, humanizing part which he and ann romney seemed to some way resist doing too much of, so they got others to do it for them. and then there was emphasis on the convention floor, diversity of v
carolina. 9.8%, particularly compared with virginia which is another battleground state lower than the national average right now at 6%. this say thing both campaigns are trying to use in an attempt to win over voters here. the economy is bad. it's been declining for many years in north carolina. a lot of the south has seen that both campaigns are trying to make the case. president obama is trying to say i'll create more jobs if i'm reelected and mitt romney is saying change course. >> reporter: we heard from a few folks on the listen to me project on what the most important issue was. here are voices from north carolina talking about jobs and economy. >> i think by far the most important issue is the economy. i think it with would turn around if there were more cooperation in washington. >> a lot of people don't have jobs and are losing their jobs and after being -- you know -- at jobs for years and they are shipping jobs overseas and everything like thank when we look at the unemployment -- everything like that. >> reporter: when we look at the map it's evenly distributed across
. >> a congressman from virginia who lost in 2010 after voting for health care, he used an interesting phrase about liberals and their disappointment with obama. he says that in any relationship, there's passion and great heat at first and it settles into a relationship of trust and dependence and we're moving into that with president obama. in his view. that's obviously maybe wishful thinking but that's where the democrats would like to be. >> what i was struck by on the first night the energy in the hall compared to what we had seen in tampa the first night. i remember being on the floor in florida the first night, and the aisles were wide open and pretty empty and people were talking through the early evening speakers. and you just did not have a sense and it surprised me because we know that there's great energy within the republican party to defeat president obama. but it didn't seem evident in tampa. the first night in charlotte, it was totally different. that hall was alive. they had all the signs for every speaker in the audience was very much engaged with the speaker. gwen: part of that wa
in virginia that was teaching saudi curriculum and such accusations were made the curriculum there and i brought in all the books that were naught that school to the embassy and had a committee go through all of the text there and and we found alarming examples of bigoted text and others and we took them out. completely. having done that, we then relayed that issue to the proper authorities in the kingdom and they went through the same process and took out these texts frrb saudi curriculum. but that is not enough, in my view. it is not so much the text-- although it has an influence, but who teaches the text as well if you have a bad teacher who comes to teach six, seven, eight nine-year-olds at that stage bigot tri and hatred then you have to change the teacher as well and not only the words that are written in the books. so all of our teaching staff and all of our mosque preachers have gone through very extensive evaluations by committees of the government to make sure that they don't participate in such advocacy of bigotry or hatred. >> rose: iran and-- gaining a nuclear capacity supp
no margin of error. you basically have to win virginia, colorado, nevada, a whole bunch of states that are right now not particularly in governor romney's pocket. >> rose: so obama could win the electoral college and lose the popular vote? >> could but i doubt it. >> rose: so what's the weakness of them beyond the economy? i mean what is it that he's vul never-- vulnerable on. >> in terms of electorate. >> rose: yeah. >> i think on the merits, he will have trouble making the case that he can work with republicans to get things done. and they'll almost certainly be a republican controlled house. and lots of republican senators. if people want a solution and we need a solution because of the fiscal cliff, it's hard for the president to make that case. and governor romney has started to make that case. it's not effortless for him to make it either given the kind of partisan effort he has run so far in a lot of ways but that is a vulnerable. and i think a general sense, not just of a bad economy but of a long trek, i think the most effective line bar nun at the republican convention,
for governor of virginia in 2009, reed's brand new faith and freedom coalition was there. >> do you want to hand these out? >> contacting, he said, every social and fiscal conservative voter an average of seven times. enough, he also said, to make the difference. >> thank all of you, god bless you. >> after republicans swept into control of the house in the 2010 mid-term elections, reed called a press conference in washington the very next day to claim bragging rights. >> it was the most ambitious, the most comprehensive, and the most effective voter contact and get-out-the-vote effort aimed at the conservative faith community in modern american political history, or at least as long as i've been doing it, which is 30 years. 16 million voter guides. 8 million pieces of mail. three pieces of mail to every social conservative household in certain areas. they received an average of three phone calls, and many of them received a knock on the door. >> they're also the voters reed says he reached in wisconsin earlier this year. >> thank you, god bless you, and god bless the great state of wisc
in ohio, and by an identical 49% to 44% in both florida and virginia. so david, recognizing that these polls are just a snapshot, the elections weeks away wa, dow make of that? >> i think romney's concession speeee should be this evening, at some point. no, he's behind. if you take the average of all the national polls, he's probably behind by about 3.5, 3.of. the nba "the wall street journal" swing state polls shouou be more troubling to him. s is an excellent poll, a poll widely respected by the professionals in the field. and it shows him behind in all three states that he really needs to win. and if you look at all t t swing states, whatever it s however many you count, he is pretty much behind in all of them, usually by a much smaller margin. and to me what is most interesting about the poll movement in the last week is that romney is going down. and so the president is up a little but the president had a bounce and his bounce is pretty much over. but romney's going down. and so and if you look at where the movement happened, bill clinton was an important turning point
-year-old james robert montgomerie, a private in the confederate signal corps were in virginia wrote a letter to his father back home in camden, mississippi. dripping blood on the paper as he wrote, from the horrific shoulder wound he had sustained a few hours earlier. >> dear father, this is my last letter to you. i have been struck by a piece of shell and my right shoulder is horribly mangled. and i know death is inevitable. i am very weak but i write to you because i know you would be delighted to read a word from your dying son. i know death is near, that i will die far from home, and friends of my early youth. but i have friends here too who are kind to me. my friend fairfax will write you at my request and give you the particulars of my death. my grave will be marked so that you may visit it if you desire to do so. it is optionary with you whether you let my remains rest here or in mississippi. i would like to rest in the graveyard with my dear mother and brothers, but it's a matter of minor importance. give me love to all my friends, my strength fails me. my horse and my equip
'llian castro. president obama spent the day campaigning in norfolk virginia. he will address the delegates thursday evening. two reporters have written extensively about barack and mish efl jodi kantor and author of the "obamas" author barack obama the story. i am meesed to have them both here on this program this evening. welcome. >> charlie:let me start with you, jodi. tell who is barack obama. you have written a piece about both of them. and his piece is about the competitiveness of him. >> we thought he might be a deliberative professor of a president. we might see that mellow hawaiian quality. we have seen that for sheumplet he turns out to be this super competitive perfectist. the story wrote came out of years of hearing these stories the president grading everything, graying people. always wanting to be the best, even at small pursuits like bowling and look, there's a lot of advantage to this, the fact that he worked so hard at everything that he weants to be the best is an admirable quality. it's part of what gave him the kfd to run for the presidency and yet there can also be a do
.o.p. congressman from virginia. >> when he got elected i think he had every intention of trying to bring everybody together behind him, let's work together, but he had a democratic congress. the minute you go over and sit down with the republicans you'll have pelosi and the democrats fighting saying "we won the election." so the pressure is for him to produce a work product and the republicans weren't going to follow over and say "oh, yeah, let's work together." it's tough situation. when your party controls both houses, those interest groups control the agenda. they don't want to give it away to the other side. >> reporter: but the number two democrat, dick durbin, said the president often took on leaders of his own party. he recounted a late night white house meeting on health care reform in january, 2010. democrats were arguing with the president to remove some oversight provisions. >> at midnight the president stood up and said "that's it, you won't agree, i'm leaving, you can leave when you like." he walked out of the room. it stunned the people who were there. >> he wanted them to finally un
at first to condemn the violence. today, in fairfax, virginia, he offered a more general criticism of the president's leadership in foreign affairs. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping events and a strong america is essential to shape events and a strong america, by the way, depends on a strong military. the world needs american leadership. the middle east needs american leadership and i intend to be a president that provides the leadership that america respects and will keep us admired throughout the world. >> sreenivasan: the president had rejected romney's earlier criticism, saying the candidate should get his facts straight before speaking. today, president obama campaigned in golden, colorado, and he vowed again to defend american citizens and interests. >> i've directed my administration to do whatever is necessary to protect all americans who are serving acod. it's one of my highest priorities as president. i'm also in contact with other governments to underscore that they have an obligation to cooperate wit
, a colleague of yours, senator jim webb of virginia, another big battle ground state was quoted as saying how can it be in the party of andrew jackson 28% of white working males support the democratic party. is that a long-term problem for the democratic party not only in north carolina but throughout the south? >> i think we've seen that historically over the last 40 years. but i do think that we have with the convention in charlotte, with the convention in north carolina this week, that people across north carolina are proud of the fact that the democratic party chose to have a convention here in north carolina. we are a party with a huge tept and we welcome everybody that you will see on the floor beginning tomorrow. if you walk the streets in charlotte today for the carolinafest, you've seen that over and over again with people of all races, all nationalities coming here to celebrate the feeling and the southern hospitality that's been extended to them. >> woodruff: as we said, kareem crayton, one of the things you specialize in is looking at voting rights. we know from what's been happen
to florida, i went to new hampshire earlier in the year. and virginia. and i really found people were incredibily engaged and motivated on the issues and i think last time there was such an exhilaration with the process and sort of being able to engage for so long. but i think that people have this has been a sobering four years for everyone. and i feel underneath it all there is a continuity of spirits that goes back to 1960 when my father was elected and that generation is engaged. and the younger generation who everybody says is you know, disconnectedded, is really i, i think, ready to reengage now that this campaign has started. so i don't really see that as much as other people do. i think it maybe below the surface but i think it will explode after the convention. >> one of the highlights of four years ago was american university when you and your uncle came out with obama. and it was exciting. now --. >> i don't get that often but go ahead. >> what was it? and michelle did talk about his character last night. what specifically about his character is the thing that is still exci
and florida. and at an event today in virginia, the president said he would fight any changes to the program. >> i will refuse to turn medicare into a voucher. ( cheers and applause ) americans who have worked hard shouldn't have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies. >> woodruff: for its part, the romney campaign will continue it's pitch to older voters this weekend as paul ryan heads to all-important florida, which boasts the largest proportion of seniors in the nation. and to the analysis of shields and brooks--that's syndicated columnist mark shields and "new york times columnist" david brooks. gentlemen, welcome. >> thank you. >> woodruff: so mark, the romney tax relief... tax return information, what do we learn from that? >> well, first of all i thought it was ear onion, the satirical magazine of stephen colbert. i have no idea why romney campaign would revisit and revive the tax issue without resolving it. i mean all they did was put out 20 year summaries. so what you have done, an issue that bothered, pollsters said it bothered some people, he hadn't reveal
-track player. i love eight-track players. sebak: there's virginia dundas, who sells vintage clothes, among other things... it is coat time of year. thanks. bye. ...boma cho from cameroon, who plays guitar while selling art and t-shirts, and evelyn dye-garcia, who's got a good mix of funky stuff. dye-garcia: i always bring something i call my "titillater" that everybody will look at. the leopard chair's my titillater today. i sold three of them last week, so i brought one more this week. olivo: my part of the business, anyway, is i pretty much sell recycled memories. dye-garcia: i used to have an antique shop, and my daughter worked in my shop, and so, she's down here doindoing what mama showed her how to do from an early age. say "hi," baby. [ laughing ] my favorite place to go with my dad was thmp. that was my favorite place as a little girl. i liked to go to the dump. so, i don't know. maybe -- i must have been doing this in a former life, too, because i was always interested. i had garage sales when i was in high school. olivo: when i was 16, i had a friend in high school who had a hous
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